This Chevrolet Corvair 700 was the deluxe model for 1960. Introduced in October 1959 , in two body styles and two trim levels . This upper level 700 4 door very original condition that has had all a mechanical restoration and is in top running condition.
Factory options on this 700 were the gasoline heater ($74) and fold down back seat ($32) . There were no back up lights on this car ,but a kit is included(lenses already installed) but the delete covers are also included. Also there are 2 like new freshly painted horizon blue fender skirts in the trunk.

This car has documented 44,000 miles and is in great condition ready to go anywhere.
I have done extensive mechanical restoration to bring the car up to like new condition , while leaving the interior ,paint and trim as was delivered from Chevrolet. Mechanically it has NO issues and It drives ,feels and smells just like a new 1960 Corvair. Even all of the weatherstrips are soft and in great shape.

Campobello, South Carolina, United States

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