1959 Edsel Corsair 4 Door Hardtop

During his early childhood, Edsel and his father worked side by side on cars. Later on, Edsel became more fascinated by the shapes of automobiles than by their inner workings. As a teenager, he built several speedsters, mostly T-based. Edsel was indulging in a common pastime of the day, one shared by quite a few young men with money, the difference being that Edsel had an unlimited supply of parts. This love of styling and building cars would come in very handy as time went on. As for the actual car, buyers didn’t purchase the Edsel because it was a bad or ugly car. They didn’t buy it because it didn’t live up to the expectations the company created in the prior months with the epic advertising campaign. So actually, the first failure occurred for the Ford Edsel before anyone even saw the automobile.

For consignment, the car that has become synonymous with the word failure. Hold on though! Due to the fact it was so unpopular, and most people hated it, not too many were sold so there are not many around. This second year model of the Corsair corrected some of the teething issues found in the 1st model year and had plenty of interior room. Check out this rare bird!



Not perfect but certainly solid as Mist Green and White bathes this long and mighty car, with fairly straight steel panels, and decently minded gaps. A white spear trimline runs the length of the car at the beltline and makes an artistic dip at mid rear door before melting back to a thin spear at the tail of the car. With the dual headlights flanking the horizontal grille ends, and the iconic vertical center known as the “toilet seat” or “vulva” grille, it was either loved or hated. This one presents in good condition with minor pitting and cloudiness of the chrome, as does the grille, and bumpers. A wrap-around windscreen fronts a massive chrome-trimmed greenhouse topped by the white metal roof. The rear of the car sports cat eye style 3 lens tail lights and a swooping Edsel badged spear across the trunk lid. All badging and brite-work is correct and attached and in good condition throughout, as over embellishment abounds, right down to the complex design and the chromed side view mirrors. Some rust bubbling is noted on the lower panels with the worst area being the lower section of the passenger’s rear door. Tri-point emblazoned wheel covers are on and like new 14″ tires are seen all around.


Speaking of 50s styling, it continues in earnest with the interior and a swing of the doors. Here we see town tone green with a light green on the stitched and embroidered vinyl top and a darker green reception cloth panel below in which has been stripped of its armrest and chrome actuators. The inside seating reveals some tattered and torn but complete split back benches with lighter green vinyl bolsters and green tweed broadcloth just a bit darker for the inserts. A soiled light green headliner hangs above and below is just painted steel flooring. I feel like this car may have an identity crisis with all the shades of green seen on all the different surfaces. The original green dash is showing in good condition with lightly tarnished chrome, along with pulls, dials and bakelite buttons for the heater slides and radio pushbuttons. We have to give an A for effort though as it is futuristic with its highlight being chrome and LOTS OF IT! The original steering wheel is present and accounted for but gone this year is the teletouch shifter, a simple column shifter has taken its place.


Under the revised for ’58 rear hinged hood is an unrestored 332ci V8 that has a single Holley 4-barrel carburetor on top. A Mile-O-Matic 2-speed automatic is the column version previously mentioned. On the back is a Ford 9-inch 2.91 rear axle.


Underneath looking quite good with some surface rust, a solid frame as well as floor pans. Some rot on the rockers can be noted throughout the sides where they greet the frame. This car sports drum braking all around as well as independent front suspension and rear leaf springs. We note the fuel tank has been removed and the engine now is fed from a jug in the trunk.


After checking the vitals and a fresh battery the engine did crank over but did not fire off. Some TLC is in order.

I’d say quite the project to fill your hands with, but in the end, you will own a rare example, and be able to tool around looking like the quintessential 50’s suburban family styling. Boop Boop Be Doop!



B-332ci V8


U-Louisville, KY Assy Plant


714304-Sequential Unit Number


BODY 57B-Corsair 4 Door Hardtop

COLOR SR1-Jadeglint Green, Mist Green, White

TRIM 53-Light Green Vinyl, Dark Green Reception Cloth

DATE 16M-December 16th 1958 Build

TRANS 3-Mile-O-Matic 2 Speed Automatic

AXLE 5-2.91

Price: $9,500

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