1929 Austin Seven Cabriolet

The Austin 7 is an economy car that was produced from 1923 until 1939 in the United Kingdom by Austin.  It was nicknamed the “Baby Austin” and was at that time one of the most popular cars produced for the British market and sold well abroad.  Its effect on the British market was similar to that of the Model T Ford in the US, replacing most other British economy cars and cyclecars of the early 1920s.

For consignment, a “Baby Austin Seven” from 1929.  This car is in barn find condition, and was made in England in June of 1929 according to the numbers.  It is a right hand driver, has a 747cc mini 4 cylinder engine, and is a snappy little convertible with seating for 4.  A great little small family car made for the people who are just starting up, and also produced to evade the “horsepower tax” in Britain.  It’s nice to see politicians were already thinking of creative ways to squeeze more money out of the general public way back in 1929.



With the ubiquitous 1920’s and early 1930’s design of a vertical radiator, (this one is nice and shiny), cowled hood, wide firewall and single door per side”tub” for the passengers, also throw on some curved exterior fenders and we are ready to roll.  This car is painted in mustard yellow and has black fenders.  As noted a shiny radiator surround is in front flanked by a single circular headlight on either side.  A framed large windscreen protects the passengers as well as a canvas top which is dirty, has a few tears and a clouded plastic rear window.  On the back of the car is room for luggage or storage in the form of a steel black painted rack in lieu of the rear bumper.  Also a spare tire and wheel is mounted to the back of the bodywork.  19-inch wire wheels are on and wrapped by 3.50-19 rubber, dry rotted and going flat.


Yellow vinyl in the form of bomber low back styled front buckets and a rear bench all have some light tuck and roll inserts for the seats and backs with smooth bolsters.  The seats are still in fair to good condition and basically just need a good cleaning.  Upfront, a butterscotch dash in full metal is on and has a few instruments, some levers, and in front of the steering column an oil pressure gauge.  This column has a large steering wheel attached to its top which is encircled in metal.  The floors are ribbed rubber/plastic and a shift lever reaches for the driver.  There are two storage areas which are missing their doors on either end of the dash front.  Door panels are yellow smooth vinyl and present as very simple and utilitarian.  The framework for the canvas too is in good conduit as it moves up and down easily.


Under the cited hood is a 747cc 4 cylinder engine.   It has a 1-barrel carburetor and a 3 speed manual transmission on the back with a 4.90 rear axle.  Overall the engine bay has plenty of dull and patina finish and even a slight bit of surface rust, but it’s all intact.


Some surface rust, but none invasive, and we note transverse leaf springs for the front and leaf springs for the back.  Mechanical drum braking is on all 4 corners, the front brakes are operated by a hand lever, and the rears are with the foot pedal.

An interesting barn find in “Mini” style, a design often copied and lent to many worldwide auto manufacturers which include the likes of BMW, ( DIxie), France, (Rosengarts), Nissan, (Took the Design), and the USA where it was under American Austin.  Will need a bit of TLC but in the end a unique piece of motoring history making it available for the young families.


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