Here is a Vintage 1970 Pontiac Firebird (Early Trans-Am Clone) Barn Find Project, Unrestored, and the Real-Deal. This barn-find project is just the type of car you want to find when starting a restoration. It has been sitting in a garage for over 25 years untouched. This car was running and driving when purchased 25 years ago and was put into storage with the hopes of one day restoring it. The owner later got into vintage hydroplanes so this one never got touched. It was born a 1970 Firebird Esprit with Factory AC, a 400 ci with tubo 350 trans and no-posi rearend. Complete rolling car with no motor or tranny. Vin # 224870L105715 with 143250 on the odometer. It is a very early clone with authentic 1970 T/A front clip, hood, rear spoiler and rear fender flares. The shaker (sitting on the seat) is a later model but is included. There is very little rust. The floorboards and trunk have no rust and are super clean and solid. The doors close like butter and are still well aligned and rock solid. The only rust is visible in the close-up picture in the rear quarters. No engine or tranny is included because they were not original to the car anyways.

Seattle, Washington, United States