Too many projects so letting one go.

I’ve had this Corvette tucked away in the back of my garage for the last 5 years. I believe it is a “1 of 1” 1969 Corvette. Still containing its original 427 435hp motor and hooked to its original, ultra rare, TH400. This is a special build “high shift point” transmission. These transmissions were ONLY placed behind L71/L89, L88 & ZL1. With a slightly “higher stall” 6 bolt torque converter and full throttle shifts at 6500 rpm it made this combo a contender at the drag races in the late 60’s.

Unfortunately, we are in the days of more fake L71’s existing than GM ever built. People re-stamp blocks, fake paperwork…you name it…to recreate one of the ultra rare and thus more valuable 435hp tripower cars, so the fact that “CY” code transmissions WERE ONLY placed behind solid lifter motors (L71/L88/ZL1), unlike the 4 speeds, the trans proves this to be a real L71.
Out of 38,762 corvettes built in 1969 only 2,722 were optioned with the L71 427/435 motor.
Out of those 2,722 only 255 came with the high shift point TH400 transmission.
Out of those 255 how many were Monza red?
With 10 colors available, lets say 10% were red. That’s 26 cars.
Of the 26, how many had all of the following :
N40 Power Steering
J50 Power Brakes
A31 Power Windows
C50 Rear Window Defrost (very rare at 2,485 out of 38,762)
“407” Red Vinyl Interior
G81 Posi Axle
K66 Transistor Ignition System
U79 AM/FM Radio Stereo (rare highest radio option 4,114 out of 38,762)
A01 Tinted Windows
A82 Headrests
U15 Speed Warning Indicator (rare at 3,561 out of 38,762)
If you still have any doubts of the ‘1 of 1’ claim, consider this fact: Per ‘Chevy By The Numbers’ book, GM stopped casting the common L71 head ‘3919840’ around May 1969. This car is a late 1969 Corvette on the assembly line in July ’69. These late 435hp cars got the heads that were being prepared for the 1970 LS7 (head casting number 3964291). From what I have read, these have slight casting differences and larger exhaust valves than the earlier ‘840’ head.
Block 3963512, 4 bolt main. Date code F-17-9
Right Head 3964291. Date code F-4-9
Left Head 3964291. Date code F-4-9
Exhaust Manifold (left) 3690827
Exhaust Manifold (right) 3880828
Posi Differential 1AW62469W (HD 3.08). Date code F-24-9
Engine Pad T0711LX 19S725254
M40 Transmission (CY code) 19S725254
Approximate car assembly date would be G-24-69
The car was parked in the early 90’s in California following a wreck. I still have the early 90’s plates that were on the car. The Corvette will need nose fiberglass work (around the headlight area). The rear end of the car will need fiberglass work. The frame is very solid but will need straightening at the rear cross-member (please see pictures). The car retains its original paint and complete driveline. When I found the car it had an aftermarket L88 hood, aluminum single 4 barrel intake, Holley carb and an aftermarket distributor. I replaced the L88 hood with an original GM 427 hood in excellent shape (worth $1000 alone). I do not have the original tripower or distributor. I will include a set of 15×8 Corvette rims with the car to enable ease of loading.

I oiled the cylinders and motor rotated freely but plan on full rebuild during restoration its almost 50 years old.

This is one of the last high horse 427’s built. 454’s were a few months away.

Notice the 6 bolt converter and tri-power throttle linkage bracket still in place.

Clear Wyoming title in my name. This is a project car needing full restoration. Sold in ‘as-is’ condition, so please contact me for any additional information you may need.

Price: Auction

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Location: Kemmerer, Wyoming, United States