If you are looking for a truly unique survivor car, look no further !!!

This 1959 Mercury Park Lane was sold new at Frank J Sanders Mercury in Fresno California, and never left the state until I purchased it. It has 86,000 miles and has original paint and interior. Not restored, or touched up, but original from the factory !!! Being just one of just 7,206 made, this old girl extremely rare. Also being an untouched rust free original survivor on paint and interior, takes it to another level of rare. Color is Original Satellite blue with Blue Ice top.

Original owner had the car serviced in 1971, and parked it in a barn 2 months later. It sat in that barn until rescued in 2015. So 44 years at least covered. Barn was in Kerman, CA. Also still wearing it’s original California Black Plates I might add !!!!

I’m a collector of 1959 Mercury’s, and have owned over 40 so I’m the extreme 59 Mercury nut case. :) That said in the last 20 years this is the most original untouched 1959 Mercury I’ve seen. The only thing ever replaced on the car is the Windshield, exhaust, tires, and ignition converted to petronix. It also had the ignition cylinder replaced but original included.

If you are interested in seeing more detailed pics I have a link I can send you with 114 detailed pictures. Just ask………

Breakdown on car :

The good :

Nice survivor paint with some chips, scrapes, and small touch ups needed. I didn’t touch up anything but have the touch up paint if the new owner would like to do that.

Engine runs great. Carb is newer and works well. Trans was gone through by a tranny shop in Cali. Shifts great.

Tires new, brakes new, and exhaust new. Drives and stops nice.

Great driver quality chrome and stainless.

The bad :

The power steering pump needs rebuilt. If I load it full of fluid the entire reservoir will drain out by the next morning. So it needs to be addresses ASAP. Mac’s has a $ 40 rebuilt kit if you are going to do it yourself. It’s a long story but current physical issues prevent me from doing this myself and I refuse to take my cars to a shop. Again you will want to address this as it’s a pain to turn with no PS.

There are rock ships upfront, and a ding or two here or there on trim and washboard.

Inside headliner has 3 holes up close to visors. Mice had been up there and chewed through in 3 places. To me it’s only original once, so I wouldn’t replace it.

Dash Pad looks like and aired out flat tire. Very common on this old Mercs. If this bothers you just dashes has the exact mold for the original, and it was made from a nice one I sent them 20 years ago. It’s exact ! For me it’s only original once, but an anal dash guy would want to swap I suppose.

Ignition switch was swapped out. Not sure why. I would put this back in and get this back right if I had time. I will let new owner decide.

Side spears have pitting ( see pics ) and bumpers have some chrome flaked off the top rear bumper.

— I love this car and I love original. I was even careful and hand polished and waxed the car as not to harm the paint. If you are someone that likes a cool survivor with flaws, this is your car !!

Location: Frisco, Texas, United States

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