Old barn find 53 Victoria 2 door hardtop. Car came from Columbus Ohio. The decal on the window has the remnants of a Kustom Kemps of America Sticker… The bumper also still has the eyelet rings where the old car club plaque once was. Car was sitting for decades until this past September, when i brought it home.. Heres what it is..

As you can see, the bottom of the body has rust, i repaired the floors, put back the original carpet as i found it.
It has a 1969 350 that sounds built, with a cam, runs great, starts right up… fresh oil and tune up.
Transmission i think is a 350 , shifts like it should. No clue as to how man miles but its NOT tired!!
All new brake lines, wheel cylinders, pads in front..master cylinder
The car was lowered back in the day…. I re-lowererd the rear with 3″ blocks (needs shocks) still rides smooooth!!
New striker plates, and handle button on drivers side.. doors shut pretty good!
Vintage WWW white walls that i bought for it, Goodyear 6.70 15, plenty of life left
The 2 rear rims are chrome revers with an offest.. the Front passenger is also chrom reverse but offset smaller, then the drivers side is a stock rim… Bolt pattern is 4.5 x 5 x 15
The rear end still has de-arched springs under it, done back in the day…
The front suspension looks to have been heated to lower them, they look professional..not hacked….
Hood opens and closes, but missing one bolt
1954 Chevy grill with extra teeth
All glass there, windows open and close
I put a set of 50s odd hubcaps on the car (they have an “M” embossed in them) I have 3 of those caps and one old custom one i will throw in..(the rear caps are not shown in the pics)
Amazing Tuck and Roll pleated white and red interior (rear seat bottom was missing, but i had a black base off of an old diner booth that sorta fits good..
The bucket seats recline, which is sorta nice too
B&M shifter
Car came with traction bars, they are included in the auction
The trunk has a solenoid, Its old and rust so you need to install a new one, or i can put a cable on it.
The tacometer works
Lights work, brake lights work..
I did not replace the old shocks that were on there, that will be up to the buyer.
Clear title. Located in Ohio 44273 Seville.
Speedo is not hooked up
I rewired alot of the car, but as i know, only the necesseties are hooked up.
New Alternator
New healights
Radiator was repaired but i see a tiny spray of a leak.. I would replace it. It may hold, it may not.
New gas tank / sending unit. (gas gauge not wired)
Starts – Runs- Drives – Stops. Still has the Rochester Carb in it.

As-Is SURVIVOR CUSTOM CAR!! Not many left out there….May have graced the covers of hot rod and kustom magazines.. Please email with any questions, I will ship internationally.

Seville, Ohio, United States