1983 Cadillac Eldorado Touring edition. 68000 original miles. Kaddy has lived its whole life in Los Angeles. Originally purchased from Casa de Cadillac in Sherman Oaks. I purchased from the estate of 2nd owner husband. She passed away in 2002. The kaddy was last registered in 2001 and had been parked in a open barn on the property in Sun Valley CA. Clear CA title and registerd in my name and still in Sherman Oaks.

I purchased Kaddy October 2017. Took it into a local mechanic I work with, The engine compartment had been home to who knows what kinda critters! The out side was a layer of dust, bird and owl poop. Well the shop was a little slow so he cleaned up the engine compartment fixed some of the basic stuff from it sitting for YEARS like wires and cleaned the fuel tank, installed new fuel pump, battery and Varooomm it was off to the races!!! Since then Ive changed oil, trans fluid and filter, radiator fluid, catalytic converter and ox sensors.and more. YES it passes Calif. smog! New tires and a non-professional detail on the outside. Had the headliner, panels and visors redone along with the half Landau top. New head lights and I installed new painted to match bumper fillers. The front fillers was a pain in the u know what.

Id rate this Kad a 12 footer. It has its share of nicks and scratches nothing really bad. From 12 feet away it looks almost perfect. Take a look at the additional dropbox pics. Ive done my best to picture any flaws. Engine compartment has not been detailed or pressure washed. There are still some minor stuff to fix or not and drive it as it is. Interior is near perfect. The is a very small crack top of dash pad (pictured)

Ive since put few hundred miles on the car. The more I drive it the better it gets. Hey it really does drive like a Cadillac! Almost everything works. its really a pleasure to drive. All gauges work, leveling works.
The AC and fan dont work. Radio is intermittent (loose wires?) Automatic radio antenna up and down stays on sometimes so I have it disconnected. This was purchased with the intention of it being used in movie/production shoots for vintage vehicles in background. Now they tell me “we dont want white red or black vehicles” Ive 1 of each color….oh well.
This is a 35 year old Cadillac Ive just done some of the basic stuff not any kind of full restoration. Described to the best of my ability. Ask any questions your may have. And gotta say it…. As is Where is and How is

Location: Sherman Oaks, California, United States

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