1966 Ford Thunderbird, 428 V-8 engine, green paint and cream leather interior. This 1966 Ford Thunderbird was a true barn find. A friend of mine needed money so I bought it from him. He had the car in storage for 20 years, where it was covered and prepared well for storage, which is where I pulled it from (see photo). It needed very little to bring it back: before starting I freed up any valves and coated the cylinders with WD40, changed oil (with 50W) and confirmed all fluids. The car started up right away as if it were never stored–a perfect scenario. The owner bought this from an individual 20 years ago after he just finished the restoration, then he put it in storage. The paint is absolutely beautiful as can be seen in the pictures–a deep emerald green that lights up in the sun. The paint on the trunk shows some issues with paint adherence with some bubbling in the paint. To correct this flaw the trunk lid would have to be repainted (see photo). The engine shows no leaks, and it runs smoothly. The big block 428 V-8 is a very highly desirable engine. The interior is in very good condition with no visible tears, and a stain on the front passenger seat (see photo).  This model has the swing-away steering wheel. The car is rear wheel drive, automatic, with 67K miles on it. Tires are in good shape with a new spare in the trunk. I’ve driven the car into town to Car Meets and it simply purrs. The a/c doesn’t seem to work. The electric windows seem hesitant so I didn’t roll them down. The signals aren’t working which I didn’t try to figure out. There are mildew stains on the headliner (see photo). The chrome is showing some normal patina for its age (see photo). The cover to the key lock on the truck is not attached, but is included (see photo). Car has all four floor mats.

Ithaca, New York, United States