I bought this car from an estate sale. It had sat in a barn since the original owner died in 1981(Born, 1901). I have the registration from the mid 80’s back to the 60’s. The car has been in CA the whole time. It is currently registered and titled.

At some point the original owner added after market head and tail lights. He also installed hydraulic ’40 Ford drum brakes. I replaced the master cylinder, brake shoes, and some brake lines and the car stops well.

The car came with original Kelsey-Hayes racing wheels(the rims are marked) which I put all new tires/tubes on.

I flushed/boiled the radiator, replaced all hoses, and rebuilt the water pump. I installed new points, condensor, rotor cap, new coil, rebuilt the carb and fuel pump. Replaced the head gasket. Flushed and lined the gas tank.

This car now runs, drives and stops. The brake lights, headlights, and horn all work and are still on 6 volt. The lights work off the original switch on the steering wheel. The odometer and speedometer work.

This car isn’t perfect but has a lot of original paint and parts still on it the way it would have come from the factory. There’s a fender tear or two, one side has a broken hood latch and various other imperfections. Overall, it’s in pretty good shape for its age.

Huntington Beach, California, United States