Wow!!! The true definition of a barn find survivor!! Truly the only one in the world with this original mileage and documentation. One of the 1st Pontiac torpedo 8 cylinder convertibles built after world war 2 and very rare to find in this original paint condition.
This old 1946 Pontiac 8 cylinder torpedo back convertible has 6867 original miles from day one 1946. Please keep in mind this was one the 1st Pontiac convertibles Pontiac started building after world war 2 and these convertibles were very low in production. The original owner that purchased this car brand new in 1946 drove it on nice summer sunny days only until 1955 and then parked it in his barn and put it up on blocks and let the suspension hang freely. Next he put Marvel mystery lubricating oil in all 8 cylinders and covered it with only 6867 documented miles on the clock. You can still see in the photos the oil stains on the motor where he put in the Marvel mystery oil in all eight cylinders to keep the motor fresh for its return to active driving again..
The 1955 license plates are still on the car the way he left it parked in 1955. You will also notice in photos he kept the license plate pairs from 1946 till 1955. The RMV in Massachusetts sent two new plates each year with your new dated stamped registrations. 2 years later in 1948 he went back to the dealership and purchased a brand new 1948 GMC truck for his farm. It was always parked right next to his beloved 1946 Pontiac convertible. Please see my 1948 GMC truck also listed this eBay right out of the same garage barn parked on concrete floor. It also is 100% original paint all numbers matching. Fully documented with all original paperwork and license plates.
I photographed both vehicles that he purchased new and just as they sat in his barn. I hand polished the old truck, so you will see before and after pictures and now she sparkles back to a beautiful shine.
I have not touched the 1946 Pontiac with a good cleaning but that’s the next thing I will do unless the new owner wants it as found. Right now, I have a renowned professional mechanic putting in all brand new brakes complete, new fuel tank cleaning, new fuel pump, original carburetor professionally rebuilt to show room condition, all new hoses, filters, fluids, fuel, points, plugs, wires, condenser and cap. All original parts will be retained for the new owner. She will run like brand new for the next new owner.
You will notice the previous owner put his own personal touches to his new car. He was is World War II veteran who fought for his country and was proud. He added a 1947 Packard hood ornament and 6 stars to mimic General Douglas MacArthur’s staff car from World War II and he loved his country. He saved his money after the war to purchase his new Pontiac.
I have the rare original 1946 Pontiac Indianhead hood ornament in beautiful condition that will bolt right back on as seen in the photos. I personally loved his military touches. This car is a time capsule, 100% rust free with 100% original paint, original interior, original all four 1946 tires, original carpets, original 1946 convertible top, original chrome, original 8 cylinder optional high horse motor, original transmission,and rear end, It has all dated factory glass with no cracks and more. The spare has never been out of the trunk and the original jack never used.
This old Pontiac has more documentation than you could ever find. He kept every registration from 1946 till he took the car off the road in 1955 as seen in the photos. Check out the original 1946 Pontiac dealership sales invoice and lubrication receipts from the selling dealership. He also kept the original keys and the Pontiac key blanks. Too, too much to photograph. He also kept the all original DMV license plate pairs he got each year from 1946 to 1955 as seen in the photos. Without a doubt one of the best 1940s early convertibles ever found with this much history.
This car has only been registered one time since 1946. I have not registered this time capsule so the next owner will be the second legal registered owner in the past 72 years.
When you look at the GMC truck you will see how I brought both cars home and how I spent days polishing the old GMC truck and how it sparkled when done back to its original glory. You can only imagine how nice this old Pontiac will shine back to its original old glory.
Also check out the documentation the same original owner kept on the GMC truck from new, along with every registration from 1948 till he took the truck off the road in 1979.
The Pontiac will shine like a new penny once I hand polish her up. Like they say “They are only original once”.
Most all cars of this era have been restored or rusted and scraped. If you go to a national classic car show anywhere with this car you can be assured you will never see another 1946 Pontiac torpedo back 8 cylinder convertible 100% fully documented original unrestored low milage car like this. I am not good with emails so please call for full information and a eBay buy it now.

Location: Templeton, Massachusetts, United States

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