1969 E-Type FHC Coupe Project – FOR SALE!

Here’s another GREAT E-Type project we’ve found! This is a 1969 Series 2, 4.2-liter E-Type 2-seat Coupe – or “Fixed-Head Coupe” (FHC). This E-Type restoration project is complete, numbers-matching, and does not appear to have suffered any major collisions. It was originally painted Sable with a Biscuit interior, and was delivered with factory air-conditioning.

The car still retains it’s original 4.2-liter engine, and is all numbers-matching. It is also ALL original, and even still in the original paint! It is tired and ready for a restoration, but is a very original – and virgin – E-Type. You won’t be sorting through someone’s else’s previous, sub-standard repairs.

Provenance –

This E-Type is all numbers matching. The engine block and gearbox are both stamped with the correct numbers that match the aluminum Data Plate. The original front chassis “picture frame” is still present with the chassis number stamped in, and that also matches the Data Plate. We do have a clear US title, and will also provide a bill of sale.

History –

This E-Type has been under the same ownership for the past 7 years – The current owner purchased the car in 2015 in this condition. Due to starting a family at the same time, he was not able to get the restoration underway, and with 3 young children now, has realized that it will be a LONG time before he can devote any time to the car.

Body Shell and Bonnet –

The car has never suffered any major collisions, and the body shell is straight and relatively solid. Take a look at the bonnet – it is in great shape! The shape of the mouth and the entire bonnet overall is excellent. Overall the body shape looks great without any major collisions or large dents – this appears to be the original paint without any resprays, so you are not going to find any surprises in the form of past, sub-standard bodywork.

All glass is intact and original, and all chrome is also intact and original – the bumpers have been removed but are in the back of the boot and are included with the sale.

Drivetrain & Running Gear –

The engine and gearbox are the original matching-number units, and all of the running gear and suspension are original.

Interior –

The original interior is intact, and it appears that the original leather seats are in good enough condition to have their patina preserved for an original, well-worn finish – OR a new interior kit could be purchased and installed. All of the gauges and switches are original to this car, and are also in very good condition.

Location & Shipping –

We are assisting the current owner with the sale of this car, and this E-Type is located at the current owner’s home in Ohio, USA. We have already sold another E-Type project car that they owned, and it was a very smooth transaction. We have worked with Schumacher Logistics, CFR Rinkens, Direct Express (and many others…) in the past to ship cars to the UK, Europe, and Australia with good results, and I am sure that they can work out the transportation for you if you are an overseas buyer. We have sold many E-Types over the years, and are familiar with the process of shipping them overseas.

Conclusion –

This is the ultimate incarnation of the E-Type 6-cylinder, 2-seat coupe. It has the larger 4.2-liter engine, full-synchro 4-speed gearbox, the much improved Series 2 braking and cooling systems, comfortable seats that recline and have headrests, and even factory air-conditioning!

This is a GREAT E-Type project – the fact that it is as-yet unmolested is a BIG plus when you are doing the restoration. So stop dreaming and get to work – grab this one, start the restoration, and start LIVING your E-Type dream! But if you are interested, DON’T WAIT – as I’ve said many times, they go FAST!All Serious Offers Considered- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -Chuck Hadley – Monocoque MetalworksPhone – (443) 907-2287 – in the US

WhatsApp – (443) 907-2287 – outside the USThis E-Type is for sale by Monocoque Metalworks, and we reserve the right to end the auction at any time due to a local sale.- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -Google Us! – Join our E-Type adventures on YouTube, Facebook, our Website, and our Online Store!

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