Hello, I bought this car for my dad several months ago. Its been sitting in a barn for about 20 years in Wisconsin. It was my dads dream car to own a real numbers matching stage 1 Buick. The problem is he bit off more then he can chew in his high 60s and very ill. He settled for a 1970 Monte Carlo SS that he just bough in running driving condition which is turn key. He told me to list the GS for someone with more time on there hands and more health.

So here we are: 1969 all original Buick Skylark GS400 with stage 1 option

My dad has been a body man and mechanic forever and he says the following: The car is fairy solid but will need some floor work , some quarter work, and some lower fender repair. He says the trunk floor is repairable and the weather strip channel is very nice around the trunk seal. The crossmembers are all good and so is the frame. The doors close and open like new, nice and tight. The ram air hood is in nice shape and so is the roof under the vinyl top. No rust or bubbles under the top. We did not try to do anything with the engine but we did find the codes and researched them back to be RS code Matching engine, BB transmission, correct stage 1 carb “246” and 962 distributor, 3.64 “O N” rear axle with posi tag and swaybars on both ends. Boxed trailing arms, disc brakes, still has spiral shocks and what appears to be original dual exhaust with original exhaust manifolds. Dad says its all the right stuff.

The interior is surprisingly original and very nice for age – obviously its dirty in the pictures but we feel that it will clean up and be useable as-is, console buckets, tilt, ralley steering wheel all super nice stuff. Bumpers and trim look good and cleanable as well. Anyways we where able to get some pictures before the rain hit, ask any questions.

Its priced to sell and find and new home. Great project car and will be sweet when done and super quick I¨m sure!

Hard to find car!

Location: Franklinville, New York, United States

Seller: claeng-66

Price: $8,400

See listing: 1969 Buick Skylark Barn Find (from November 21, 2020)