Incredible RUST FREE barn find survivor 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback straight axle drag car. Up until November 2017 this car had not seen daylight since 1974! It was in the process of being transformed into a drag car to compete at Connecticut Dragway in the early 70’s when it was put away. I had intended to get it running and driving as it sits however I just have too many projects at the moment. It shouldn’t take much to get it fired up and driving though. What is truly amazing is the fact that the body is totally rust free original steel throughout. Never rotted, restored, patched, or taken apart – all 100% original steel as assembled by Ford. This is the closest you will come to a perfect original Fastback body which is a rare find these days! I can not find one hole in the floors, trunk, doors, quarters, fenders, or sub frames etc… The doors shut like a new car (remember this was a very well cared for 7 year old car when put away!). It still wears most of it’s factory original Beige Mist paint which had a thin coat of white primer sprayed over years ago. The car was initially built to race with a 427 SOHC or “cammer” which was later pulled and swapped for the current engine (I do not have the 427 or any cammer parts). In order to fit the cammer the shock towers and inner fenders were removed and discarded. Additionally a 4″ drop tube straight axle was fitted in place of the stock front suspension. I do not have any of the removed stock parts. The entire drivetrain is essentially “new old stock” having been installed new at the time and never run. The engine is a late 60’s 390 (C6ME code block) with C6AE-R heads professionally built by Cobra Automotive of Wallingford, CT. It is fresh and has never been run. It was regularly oiled and rotated over the years to keep everything in good working order. I do not have any internal specs but it is believed to have a 427 cam with head work done. Hooker headers, Stewart Warner fuel pump, and remote oil filter are included. It is backed by a very rare nos Winters Clutch C6 auto. These transmissions were manufactured briefly during the late 60’s/early 70’s and were considered the ultimate drag automatic before torque converter technology caught up and made them obsolete. It is essentially a Ford C6 with the front milled off to accept a manual scattershield, flywheel, and clutch. The clutch is used for taking off in 1st gear with 2nd and 3rd gear shifts done automatically without the clutch. This allowed the speed shifting of an auto with the high RPM launch of a manual. A nos Hurst Auto Stick II shifter in the original box with all hardware is included. The rear is a Ford 9 inch with a 4:56 Detroit Locker and traction bars. Tow bars are mounted to the front of the frame for flat towing to the drags. A very small portion of metal has been trimmed from the lower corner of the rear wheel openings just ahead of the tires for clearance and the GT hood appears to be from another Mustang. Excellent original interior with only one small tear in the driver’s seat. The dashboard was swapped for a Cougar XR7 dash at the time however some original Mustang dash components are included. Excellent original glass with no cracks or chips. Original door vin tag is present. No title, sold on Connecticut bill of sale only (CT is a “no title” state). This would be a great car to either preserve as a vintage gasser or bring back to stock.

Price: Auction

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Location: East Haddam, Connecticut, United States