Here is an all original 63 Buick Skylark with a 215 cubic inch V8 4bbl, automatic transmission and power steering.  Starts and drives.  It is showing 23999 miles but I believe the odometer is stuck as I found an 1976 inspection ticket which had that milage listed.   It was last liscened in 1985.  Has been sitting in a garge ever since.  This is my landlords car which she as asked me to sell. I started and drove it about 5 years ago but she wasn’t ready to sell it at that time.  She now has decided to sell so I put a battery in put some gas in the carb and it started right up.  I have driven it in and out of the shop several times but not taken it out on the road.  It does brake well but would need to be trailered to buyers destination.  It did leak some coolant after filling the radiator up but appeared to be out of one of the heater hoses.

Boonville, Missouri, United States