1960 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, in need of full restoration. 99% complete. Rolls freely.

It is becoming increasingly unusual to find 59/60 Coupe DeVille’s in unrestored condition. This particular car was found in a barn on a farm where it had sat for around 30 years. We put some good tires on it as the originals would not take air which makes it far easier to move around. The fender skirts are missing as is the rear seat base but the chrome trim down the sides of the car is present along with other parts in the trunk including passengers door panel.

The windshield and rear window are not cracked but the side windows are. There is rust as is typical with an unrestored GM X Frame car. On visual inspection the floorboards are rusted along with the rockers with other more minor rust on various other panels.

The interior will obviously need reupholstering but the dash is in pretty good shape and it is complete minus the rear seat base.

The driveline is complete with its original Cadillac 390 V8. It does not run and we have not touched it or attempted to get it running. The shifter works so it can be shifted into neutral to be moved around. It rolls freely and steers.

Cavalier, North Dakota, United States