Above average body, lots of solid steel.  There is no rust through the trunk.  There is rust on passenger side which is in the photo with my finger in it.  The drivers side floor has a little rust through as well, both of these could be patched (nothing major).  The drivers side quarter is just paint peeling, no rust through. No Bondo in the body either!  You could literally hit the floor braces with a ball peen hammer and dent the metal!  I believe the undercarriage of the car was undercoated at one time possibly from the factory?  I say this because I have seen vehicles from the 80’s and 90’s that have more rust and holes than this one! All of the glass is intact and has NO cracks or rock chips.  All windows go up and down and function as they should. The front windshield has a little fogging on the very bottom. All of the doors, hood and trunk open and close with ease. The trim is mostly all there and intact not much rust or pitting.  The passenger side trim has some denting just look at the photos.  The rear tail lights are from a 54 Chevy. The original key works the ignition AND the trunk.  Most of the trunk locks have disappeared on these cars that have been around for the last 60+ years.  The tires and wheels ARE included in the auction and have great tread with some of the rubber knobs still on them.  No dry rotting or cracking, these tires were purchased new last year, mounted and balanced ($600 value).  The passenger back has a little missing tread, still about 75% or more left.  Front tires are 205/75R14, back tires are 255/60R15. The wheels have a little surface rust here and there. The interior is all there with the exception of not having a front seat.  The door panels may be rat rod salvageable along with the headliner (the new owner can make that decision).  Back seat is roached along with the groovy floor carpet. Car rolls with ease.

White, South Dakota, United States