1932 ford tudor

this car hasnt been titled since 1945 in indiana. frame is original and has vin# boxed front and rear, pete and jakes 4 bar, dropped tube axle and disk brakes, mustang sterring box, 9″ ford rearend wit 4 bar, the body is in really nice condition, subrails are not rusted. the body has had some minor rust repair in the rear wheel wells and needs to be finish welded but no severe rust..

the car has been apart since the late 50’s. I have several boxes of original screws/dovetails interior bolt/screws. it has all the garnish moldings except the header panel. front fenders arent to good. usable gas tank. windshield frame is good and the car comes with a lot of misc. parts.it has motor mounts for a small block ford(i think) mustang master and brake pedal installed. no brake or fuel lines. no transmision mount no hood or grill shell no dash.

Location: Jamestown, Indiana, United States

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