1923 Pierce Arrow Model XB 3 Ton Flatbed 

After years of discussion and planning, the first Pierce-Arrow truck was shown in January, 1911.  The five-ton stake-bed truck featured a worm-drive rear axle and hard rubber tires.  The Pierce-Arrow worm-drive trucks were quieter and more reliable than the chain-drive mechanism used by most trucks of the time.  The first Pierce-Arrow truck, the X-1, had a four-cylinder T-head engine with 4 7/8″ bore and 6″ stroke.  The truck had three forward speeds and sold for $4500.  The Pierce-Arrow truck set a new standard for trucks made in America.  The X-1 was augmented by a two-ton model, the X-2 in 1913.

For consignment, a barn find version of the 1923 Pierce Arrow Model XB.  It is a 3 ton flatbed truck and is not oft seen let alone known about as Pierce Arrow was known for its upscale automobiles it produced…But Ahhhhh yes it also made trucks in the early years.  This one has a mostly cast iron and steel front end, engine covering, and bed frame.  A fine piece of early trucking just give it some TLC then the gas.



 The first thing you’ll notice on this example are 31-inch wood spoked wheels wrapped in solid rubber.  Technology of the time did not allow for pneumatic tires that could properly handle the heavy loads.  These at one time were painted yellow like the exterior frame, however it has long since worn off.   Long steel beams stretch from the front to rear of the truck and is the foundation for all on top.  This includes a curved front fender framing the wheels in front.  A large honeycomb design radiator sits in the very front and is wrapped in green painted cast iron and a round headlight flanks either side.  Moving back we see a cowled hood and eventually the firewall which becomes the front of the open cab.  Areas of invasive rust are noted throughout this cowl and front firewall area.  Behind the front fenders are primitive running boards which are lined with wood that has begun to rot.  The back of the cab is made of wood and has a high back that faces the bed behind the driver.  This wood is also in fair condition showing some water damage.  The flat bed on top of the rear steel frame is wood and shows weathering and edge rotting on the back.  Stake bodied open sides are within the field of the flatbed on the edges.  Noted are dual rear wheels and solid tires.


A hop inside climbing over the primitive footrests puts me into the open cab.  Seating is on a primitive wood bench that has plenty of patina paint.  The floors are wood panels and in the center is a metal plate for the shifter and handbrake.  A long steering column is in front of the driver with a large black steering wheel atop it.  Primitive instruments and circuit inputs along with some knobs and pulls are on the full metal dash which is heavily surface rusted.  The gauges are all in need of restoration.


Under the hood is a large 447.9ci Inline 4 cylinder gas engine.  This is seized and will need to be taken apart.  It has a 1-barrel carburetor and a 3-speed manual transmission on the back with a 2 speed rear axle.  The engine and bay have heavy surface rust.  


Underneath is heavy surface rust covering all steel parts which remain structurally sound.  Massive leaf springs are on for the front and rear suspension, and mechanical drum brakes are on the rear only.

A very interesting and very rare piece of early trucking history for this 3 ton flatbed.  It will take some work but in the end you will have nearly a one of a kind truck.


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